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Who I am & Why I’m here

on January 4, 2014

Introducing first time blogger, Ruby a.k.a. rubles, stay at home mom of three. Wow, did I just say all that in one swoop? I reside on a First Nation reserve on a small but most beautiful island in the middle of the Great Lakes, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

That Ahh Ha moment of clarity when you’ve arrived and wondered why you haven’t sooner. Let’s start by asking some basic questions like “why blog vs. personal journal”? I have a journal that I like to call my “gratitude” journal and have written journals before. Perhaps I will share some of it with you, but for now, I decided to start here.

I have many interests and probably way too many likes of things, which is why I’m here as well, for the inspiration of you. I’ve always wanted to start a blog which I’m sure was #23 on my 2013 bucket list.The short end is,I’m glad I made up my mind. I hope to add to this fine community and learn a few things, hence the 3,2,1,…BLOG!Zero to Hero 30 day challenge to get me started. Hoping to share my crafty skills, tips and other bits of info and maybe inspire you too.

Cheers to a successful blogging 2014 year!


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