To Be or Not to Be

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Lovin it

on January 10, 2014

Day 5 assignment, however my 4th post, how can this be? Well here goes a change to see what else there is to see

So I checked out themes and it’s that first instinct that gets me almost every time and when it doesn’t grab my attention, I usually regret it later.
The first theme I looked at, the Spirit theme and hence as you can see I changed it up! It really didn’t take me long; I guess you could say “it spoke to me”.
My next few previews didn’t turn out as well and really didn’t speak to me. Some of them wouldn’t load, and how could they with an outdated browser, computer etc. After checking out a few other themes like Flounder,Chateau,Mixfolio and Crafty. I realized I need to update my equipment in order to have a better blogging experience. I did, however keep some themes in mind for later blogs. So it is with great pleasure that I cut this assignment short in order to catch up with the other ones. I’m loving my new theme and who knows maybe tomorrow, next week or next month I may change it up again.


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