To Be or Not to Be

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Who are the people in your neighborhood?

on January 10, 2014

Progress so far:
Day 1 so excited, a bit confused and maybe just a wee bit over zealous to say the least. Day 2 and 3 assignments easy, peasy, pudding and pie. However leave it to me to make a mountain out of a molehill. Here’s a short blurb of what I like to call
“day 2 of setup”.
Second day and having difficulty with uploading of gravatar. I was really looking forward to taking the zero-to-hero 30 days to a better blog challenge to help walk me through. It seems like so much to write about…so little time. Ah ha, I’ve found it…now take me there. So much to learn and take in all at once. Thank goodness I’m one of those self-taught learners…oh there we go, I’ve found the site “3,2,1…BLOG!zero to hero Starts now”.Whew that was a whirlwind

Naming my blog and editing the tagline was a quick task, so quick I came up with many more. I did have fun trying to write “about” this blog. The past few days have been refreshing and inspiring.
Here are some of the people in your neighborhood…,,
I enjoyed them and wanted to read more. I read two more blogs,


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