To Be or Not to Be

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I like her because…

on February 16, 2014

her reputation precedes her.

What is reputation anyways?
Someone else’s perceived version of who they think WE ought to be…

Reputation: recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability; overall quality of character as seen as judged by people in general; a place in public esteem or regard: good nameDo I have a reputation…hmmm that is the question? I guess maybe we all do, and probably our perception of it is indeed altered. Often we think we are one way as opposed to what others may seem to think about us. Sometimes we are immobilized by the “reputation” because it commands that we live by “it”. It can be a measure of how we are  to be(have) in today’s societal views. Other times it can be used as a driving force for some of today’s biggest achievements and demise of our time. Maybe its a semi form of our alter ego, that presents itself whenever it deems the time is right. I have to LOL on that last comment, because it sounds a bit split personality(ish). Okay, I know that is not a word but realistically speaking sometimes reputations can be misconstrued.

Real Story #1
(the names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty)

New Year’s Eve

You know how people interact with each other of the opposite sex and you also know very well that if you factor in alcohol well the cocktail of the evening can be one of fanciful flight or just a kick in the a**…sorry had to bleep that out.

Short story put, one thing leads to another, drink after drink and let’s not forget prank after prank. All in fun you say, well depends on who’s having the fun and at who’s expense? Don’t get me wrong I played along, until I saw that it was no longer fun. Time to leave a new year had begun.

New Year’s Day

Oh what a night…still ringin in the New Year in my head, but somehow it seems louder today than last night. Tequila(to-kill-ya)shot,shot,shots. I go back to bed and rest my weary head, all day long just coasting in and out of what seemed like unconsciousness. This is what hangovers are like,note to self, don’t ever do this again. It isn’t until 5pm later that day that I decide to call my neighbor(Shelby)to check on her. She was pretty looped last nite and was worried when we left her. Thankfully we cleaned up the vomit off herself and put her to bed.

I notice her mother’s car in the driveway as I proceed to call. Her mother(Jenna) and I had become quite close friends over the past few years. Jenna answered the phone with a flurry of questions and accusations of character. I didn’t know what to think or how to answer, I was stunned, totally utterly stunned.

Conclusion of this story; based on the past reputation of certain individuals, sometimes that what they have done or not done remains ingrained in the brains of those who refuse to see beyond past mistakes or to take the person’s recollection of the truth at face value. No willingness to listen to what the other has to say, because your mind is already made up from the partial facts given.

Jenna and I have ended our friendship and the newer friendship with her daughter Shelby had ended as well. Of course it got messy with social media Facebook slurs and slanders, and extended to my family and friends of mutual interest. Naturally I got pissed, and wanted to tell my side of what happened that night. I wanted a reprieve, I wanted her to believe. Why, I can’t remember now, I probably did then, o yeah could it be reputation, you say. Writing is one of my passions so to this I took, writing two letters not sent and a poem in response to how I felt. I lost what I thought was friends, but gained a bit of knowledge and understanding of worth in the end.

Poem ~ Friendz No More By Ruby Thompson
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Lessons Learned

don’t always believe all that you hear and only half of what you see
there must be a reason and season for things to end
Trying to prove that you are right is pointless to people with closed off minds


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