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First Kiss

on February 19, 2014


First Kiss

Journal writing is far more reminiscent of jovial times, when young adolescents dance with delight at the thought of that “first kiss’. The tingling sensation from every inch of their bodies as they nervously touch the other to whom their caresses arouse all the senses. Each one anticipating how it will feel, the sweet taste of each other while their pounding heart thunders loudly in their ears. A wondrous time of awaking that can hardly be contained into one single moment. Subtle cues given to signal advancement of the next phase.

They wish and wait patiently until they can see each other again, as if every waking moment depended on it. What is it that excites them, controls their desires and wanting their fantasies to come true. He looks at her with wonder and amazement all the while not knowing what she is all about. Studying her face and the gestures it makes, with every spoken word and smile. If only he could just reach over and kiss her supple soft lips as he dreamed about so many times before. To part her hair down the side of her cheek as he gazes into her eyes. He’s got her attention and she starts to respond in sweet subtle way. She glances at him and stares into his eyes looking feverishly at his lips. She wants to lean in towards him and feel the embrace, but plays shy for just a while longer. She blushes as his fingertips softly caress her cheek, hardly able to contain the excitement swelling inside her. This brief fleeting moment seems to last forever with each one of them trying to guess who will make the first move.

There is an interruption from friends joining their fun and they dispel anything that may be going on. She is still blushing on the inside and wonders if it shows. She tries to compose herself in a manner that hides her aspirations. He too, backs away trying to conceal his denying urge to pull her close to him. They glance at each other knowing that they must wait for another time and place. Is it the plight of flirtation that takes them to the next level of heightened ecstasy or their own imaginations of desires beyond themselves? It’s the thrill of wondering what each of them will do next to make that moment of truth real in their minds, the ultimate kiss, that first kiss.


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