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Valentine’s Day~Round up activity

on February 22, 2014

Valentines Day

A day of love post by Write Meg! , yes with Valentine’s day still Freshly Pressed in our minds, I decided to catch up to the rest of the blogging world. It felt like a while since I had put pen to thought, or is it thought to pen? Well, I had my own ideas how my next post should sound and look, however that’s not what happened. I ventured to check out all the handpicked highlights from Freshly Pressed and that is where I met  a Boy with a Hat (blog I recently followed). He had me pondering on things I love and the meaning of LOVE itself. I bet you never knew Married ladies can have crushes, too post by Write Meg! , whoa you say that doesn’t sound right. Ahhh, honey don’t worry it’s a sign from above we have a good ole “book” crush from time to time we just love. To my valentine’s surprise; book reviews for thine eyes. Its lovely writing at its best. That’s got to be something to love, laugh and live about, yet still questioning our own validity in this vast written world. Love knows no limits. Let’s not limit ourselves to the written word but to allow a great Fusion:The Synergy of Images and Words to entice our imaginations. Words mixed with picturesque media content to reveal all that could be. To take us from ‘Inside These Walls’ by Rebecca Coleman(review by Write Meg!), to other mindsets of the world.

I guess love could be viewed as evidenced by Dear Followers. It is many things to many walks of life, All Creatures Great and Small by It Takes Two~blog on Photography. This inspired that lovin feeling….oooohh that lovin feeling. It reminded me of fresh new love as portrayed  in Photo Essay of Couples Around the World. Around and around we go, Love is ….what makes the world go round. It definitely takes you to a whole different place. Not just in your heart, but mind,body and soul; of love’s lost but not forgotten. You don’t give up, the Boy with a Hat encourages hope, hope for the love lorn. I wonder if The Romance of Our Shadow knows?

People, places and things these are a few of my favorite things! Ah but the love of writing, puts a voice to the face, The Boy with a Hat had me questioning whether I preferred handwriting over typing in Are You a Handwriter or a Typer? which posed yet another deeper question,Are You a Writer?. So to answer those questions, yes I think I am a writer of sorts, I’ve arrived here! Well to be honest creating this post had me doing both, and then some. Whew, if you only knew, my notebooks of scribblings and after thoughts strewn all over the floor.

Just ask the Boy with a Hat,9 Signs That You are Becoming a Writer, imagine that.  All this and more, wow what a lot of good reads indeed. But, I didn’t stop there I wanted to Write Meg some more but took a walk on the wild side of love instead. Photography by It Takes Two was a breath of fresh air and by that I mean inspiration galore for me to write some more.

It seemed I was on a roll for more interesting finds that added to the hot topic of Love. You see people and animals like that special bond, a fondness of things, passionate and endearing. Loving of self, others and things all rolled into one. That’s what makes us all unique and loving in our own quirky ways. We love to paint, sing, read, and ski. We love to travel, photograph, write and watch t.v. Our love extends beyond ourselves, especially to those we least expect, this is how we affect.

So, I bid you adieu and hope you enjoyed my little review. Those highlighted reads were inspiring, funny, tragic, and moving. A little bit of something for everyone to love.


*Write Meg! ~ another take on writing,reading,loving and reading blog
*BOY WITH A HAT ~ musings,poetry, and stories blog
*Steve Mc Curry’s blog ~photography blog

2 responses to “Valentine’s Day~Round up activity

  1. rubles1968 says:

    Sorry peeps for posting this one so late. I sooooo need a newer, faster computer in order to compute. Have a good day!

    • rubles1968 says:

      Thank you for reading and replying, I wasn’t quite sure if I should post that particular post. I guess a change in thought was over me that day. Oh well, I got it out there and feel quite literateD…lol, not a real word. Sometimes I think that there was more to that simple lesson, I hope I got it all. Take care 🙂

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