To Be or Not to Be

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on April 1, 2014

SavedPicture-2014219173929.jpgHello world! It’s been a long roller coaster ride of a month, one I am most grateful for. A lot of retrospection and reflection into life and all it has to offer, if one is willing to receive it. Yes, that indeed my friends “is” what it is.

I understand this long winter has put us under a security blanket, but we will awake in this springtime season, renewed with love, a sense of purpose and fulfillment, peace and being in the NOW. This may seem like a bunch of new age thinking, but in fact it is not, it is as ancient as we are. We’ve lost it or forgotten the path to peace, wellness and fruition, our purpose here on earth, in this life.

A life so precious and that of a moment gone by, can change dramatically in a blink of an eye. No warning or comings and goings, but just that a change. So we have an opening, a doorway of sorts to change accordingly, to discard old ways of thinking and embrace the awakening inside us. Yet some of us choose to wrestle with this sense of being and try to run, resist and even hide.

No one can escape the reality of their true purpose in life, here on this earth. We are but vessels of light, pure and kind in the spirit we are to live, not as individuals, but rather as ONE. I am glad and blessed to be alive in and of this time. It is one of regeneration, renewal and rebirth, and not in the sense that is depicted in media. However, it is also one of opportunity for change, a change for the better. A change of spiritual awakening in whatever forms that is familiar to you and what you believe.

I have been presented with a window of opportunity in my own life over the past month, which is why I have slacked on posting for a time. I needed to come to terms with my lifestyle choices and address them accordingly, whew so glad to be back on track. With that renewed lease on life it has been decided that all levels of my well-being and my family depends on looking at ourselves holistically, the way it was intended. It will be a long process but a well worth investment in the advancement of humanity.

That’s a big stance to have you say, well intended it is and if we are to change the human race to one of peace, well-being and harmony and love, then it is with ourselves that we start first. Raising 3 boys, having their friends and our nephews stay with us over the years I am confident they will make a positive difference in this world we live in. It may not be one of massive scale but that of a single kind act towards another human being,plant or animal with out anyone seeing his deed, but the ONE who sees is what counts with everyone.

I thank you for taking the time to read, maybe even question thy self. I am blessed that you are here. This little message is of love, peace and understanding. One of humility and courage to say it with kindness and grace. I am looking forward to the new life given to me and thy family. Peace be with all of you today and always…


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