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Procrastinate post

on December 26, 2014

Fa la la la la,la la la la! Oh yes indeed we have succeeded in making Christmas come alive.

Once again we came to the close of the year,and review is at hand. If you are like me you’ll be one of those thinking of New Years resolutions,or not? I say it that way because often at times we feel the need to keep those resolutions,or better yet keep trying to achieve them. How funny we are. Awhile ago I discovered that it’s crazy at times to lump 5 tasks into one ultimate goal for success. However, I do tend to forget this and put myself on that train of disdain.

This year I give myself permission to make the mistakes necessary for spiritual growth. It’s OK if we don’t have it all together,that’s what makes us all unique. Self realization is a process of re generation like a shedding of some sort…to slough off the old. To make room for new growth.

This is not to say that we give up all hope of trying to live to the New Years tradition of resolutions…to be resolute. But rather be kind to ourselves and others for trying and to not give up the hope that things can change.

With that in mind, I should act accordingly when adding apps to new tablet, a surprise gift for Christmas. I am indeed blessed! It is with glee and delight as I ponder all the possibilities for this new device. One of which I am still getting used to. Father Christmas knew I wanted one for a long time,thus the reason for delayed postings. Here I am with you,updating and reflecting on the quirks of life.

I’ve got my sights on good things to come,always expecting greatness and if that means being patient in the wait then so be it.

 I shall rest in the knowing that I am covered,let my expectations go and let the ease of living take form.


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