To Be or Not to Be

This site is a work in progress


on April 1, 2015



…to the musings of me. Now that doesn’t sound too appealing you say? and that’s ok. This is my first time too, is it yours? A  ha, I’ve caught your eye! Wow what the imagination can spark…as she smiles modestly. Just a quick spy through the looking glass then…this is my most english accent which probably doesn’t make any sense.

None the less here we are at the beginning of what looks like a marvelous ride. One of carousel coutures, picturesque scenes of how to’s, has beens and everything in between. Poetry and prose, maybe even a journal or two to disclose. Yes, I’ve been an avid journal writer for some time, I guess that’s what led me here to share. Writing is just one of those things that comes naturally for me especially if it’s a rant or a rave. Jane of all trades, I am; well at least that of the artsy type. Sometimes turning trash into treasure or starting from scratch. Usually the “template” idea of project is always there, and eventually you see the creation take shape. Just like doing the hokey pokey, you won’t find out until you put one foot in and shake it all about.

Speaking of hokey pokey, that’s another part of me, the procrastinator procreator to a T! Yep, I said it, I went there. Time management and I love to do this dance, this dance of who, what , where, when, why and how. It took me awhile to complete the zero to hero daily challenges last year. Hence, I’ve concluded that’s one of my quirks. I did eventually finish them.

I welcome you to check out my blog from time to time, if not, that’s quite alright too. I will be, like the headline says “a work in progress” to this site and hope to have fun doing so.  So far, so good, I like what I see and can’t wait to meet you too! Soooo delighted to be a part of this community and look forward to learning more new things from all of you.


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