To Be or Not to Be

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Friendz no more
So this is how it is
How it must be
That’s okay…
It’s fine with me

Even though others warned me
I surely didn’t believe
That this would happen between us
I didn’t even receive a reprieve

I kept my cool
While you continued to be cruel
You didn’t even stop to think
I’m the missing link

Who’s to say
It could have happened differently
Now I wish I hadn’t cared
Cuz, now you say I have to pay?

Never believe all that you hear
And only half of what you see
Cuz nobody is perfect
Not even me…

Your claims will come back on you
It’s evident we’re through
No more drama, No more drama
It’s your own Karma

Childish, immature games you play
All because you want your way
I’m smiling and the sun is shining
I’m having many great days

Actually I feel relieved
I don’t have to explain no more
You’re gonna believe what you wanna believe
Me, I’m gonna fly high like an eagle…I’m gonna soar

You think you’ve got me
Where you want
I’m gonna “let it be”
It’s obvious that you can’t…

Forgive and forget
Live and let live
Live, Love, and Laugh
You bet, unlike you

Like a virus
Sick for the very first time
Like a virus
Gonna submit my song to Sublime

I guess I had to go thru this with you
So the universe could prove
That you were never ever my friend to begin with
I was your stepping stone friend and on you moved

It’s happened to me before
I can attest to that
But truth be told
It’s not me babe, you know the score

So forget about settling the score
Your pitiful schemes of evil and hate
It’s your destiny, your fate you create
I should have seen it before

To think of the time that I wasted
Thinking you mattered, thinking you cared
But you’re selfish
You know what was shared

So if you think you can play this game
Let the games begin!…
You’re not a saint, you too have sinned in vain
I don’t need to do anything to win

Take it how you want
I don’t really care anymore
Your threats don’t scare me
I know how big of a “hypocrite” you are

This smack shit you be talking
Who’s gonna believe you
Ah that’s right those that think like you
Boo, Flippin hoo!

They know your talk is cheap
Cuz you have got the biggest mouth
You can’t even keep no secrets
Not even about yourself

But that’s okay, I know in my heart
That’s your guise, it’s what keeps you afloat
You’re nothing to me
Gonna make a new start

You can hide behind your
Half masked life
Cuz you have no idea
the wrath you continue to scorn

Will befall upon you 10 times more
Then who will be torn?
Not me, I say
Cuz, I’m looking upon a bright new day!

One without you
So keep your false truths
And all the stupid things you do
Don’t ever call on me either,
I won’t be here for you

To be or not to be
That is the question
Thank God, it’s all been decided
For thee; for me

Creator you really are kind
Not a better friend in you I could find
It’s unfortunate your child is cruel
I forgive her, please Bless her, she is still good

Thank you for the dilemma ‘n’ drama
Nobody comes between a baby bear and her mama
Stuff be said ‘n’ told, but now it’s getting old
See ya on the flip side

Where all the streets are paved with gold
God Bless and Peace out peeps

~Ruby Thompson~


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